Recent update on Chance


A special thank you to every single person that prayed for us over the past few days. When I ask for prayer for my children, I can assure you that I genuinely need the prayers. Wednesday morning Chance went in to see his pediatrician after waking up with almost no voice. We learned he had a small lump in his throat. Friday morning Chance had an emergency checkup with his doctor/specialist. Words can not describe how scary all of this has been. I’m woman enough to admit that I have been beside myself, crying and a complete nervous wreck. You never know true fear until it becomes your child. More prayers went up Wednesday night than I could count. I was told by our Pastor and our family that The Lord would take care of it and not to worry. Well, he did just that. The lump is benign and shrinking on its own. Praise the Lord! His doctor, with the help of God gave us the answers we needed. It came with a relatively simple explanation. The scar tissue from his previous surgeries (12 to be exact) is pushing against his voice box and vocal cords causing it to loose sound. We’re hoping to meet with a reconstructive surgeon in the next few months and have it repaired. Until then, we push on. We pray and believe that God is in control and Chance will receive the healing he needs. In the years we’ve been battling this, numerous times we’ve been on the brink of finding a new treatment option only to find out Chance is not a candidate. Recently there have been some positive results coming from UAB in Birmingham. We were told Friday that Chance may have an opportunity to meet with a highly ranked doctor there and actually have a shot at trying his treatment plan. In the weeks that come I am asking that everyone please pray for my baby boy. He needs and deserves his miracle and I believe it is coming. From our family to yours, thank you. From the very bottom of our hearts. Thank you.


Mountains, Mole hills, and Stepping stones.

I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. I’d like say thank you. Firstly to God and secondly to every single person who managed a prayer for our son. I’ve been saying for years that our miracle is coming and I stand firm on Gods word. I have asked and I shall receive.

We went for Chance’s check up almost expecting bad news, but I told myself all the way from the car, through the parking garage, and up the elevator,
“My God is bigger than this.”,
“My god will never leave or forsake us.”,
“My God, please….please.”

We always see things much bigger or harder than they truly are. God can turn a mountain into a mole hill, and he can fix anything, even when it seems hopeless. I’m not sure where the tables where turned or how God chooses his timing, but I know he’s always on time. After a quick check up we where released and asked to come back in 3 months! Let me explain something, 3 months may seem like nothing, but for us, that is like an eternity.

Chance has been having surgery every 3 months for over 2 years now. We have successfully bypassed month 3 and month 4! No matter what the future holds, this is our stepping stone. This, this small window, is the gateway to a happy and healthy future. When he goes back that will be 7 months total, and a record breaker for us! You could never imagine what that is like as his parent. There are not enough words in the English language and five others to describe the amount I joy I’m bursting at the seams with!

I will never be able to thank each and every person who has prayed for my child, but I can try. I will try. If you’re reading this and you’ve heard our story, THANK YOU! From the depths of my heart, and my entire soul, thank you. We’re going to continue praying, and as always believing, we can beat this. We want a cure, we want a “success rate“. We want our miracle, and we’re going o get it!

This, is our stepping stone and one more reason I know I serve such a mighty God.