Struggles bring Strength.

I’m thankful for my struggles. Without them, I wouldn’t have found my strength.


Letter #52

Dear Husband,

I have contemplated this letter for a while now. Trying to decide the best way to tell you all of things you need to know.

You are the polar opposite of myself. I am loud, and you are silent. I am pulled into 1million directions and you stand still. We are entirely different people and it seems we rarely see eye to eye on anything.

You are without a shadow of doubt the best decision I have ever made. You complete me in ways I never even realized where incomplete. You are the yin to my yang and the Johnny to my June. Everyday, you save me. Thank you.


Thank you for being my leg to stand on when I am weak, for being my rock to cling to when I can’t seem to hold on, and thank you for being the hand to hold when I’m lost and afraid. Thank you for saving me everyday that you’re here.

My dear husband, you make the bad days better, and the dark days seem brighter. You love me without question, and accept me and my every flaw. I could never describe how perfect you are to me, and for me. I don’t know about fair tales or happy endings, but I do know this is the only love I want to be in.

I’ve learned that marriage isn’t about perfection, it’s about forgiveness and grace. Together we have experienced the great joy of parenthood, and the pain of life. “A smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor.” We have overcome many obstacles so early on, that I’m sure we can handle any wave that comes our way. One thing is for certain, there isn’t another I’d want to take this journey with.

You are more than a friend, or companion. You wake up everyday with a mindset to give our children the best life possible. You are amazing. I’ve seen you work 7 days straight and not let one complaint slip out. You are a provider and a wonderful man. I’m blessed to have someone with such strong family morals.

I can’t promise you the sun, moon, and stars but what I can promise you is far better. I promise to give you hope, faith, and love. I will give you my hope when you have none. Hope to carry on and know that we will get through. I will give you my faith when yours is low. Faith in God, and faith in each other. Mostly, I will give you my love. All I my love, everyday.