Marriage over Media

We see it all the time. News, media, Facebook, and magazines, yet we still haven’t figured it out. These paragraph long articles about how amazing the “hot new couples dinner was at Chez Mega Bucks last night.” You probably missed it again. It’s not about what they’re doing, but about what they’re doing wrong. Ever notice how most magazine covers are either of a new couple or an ugly multimillion dollar divorce? Remember 6 months ago when they where the hot new couple?

Life and marriage aren’t about money, fame, magazine covers, or fairy tales. It’s about finding the person that completes you and holding on to them. Marriage is about creating your own fairy tale. You can’t watch a movie and seriously think that’s how it works. Marriage requires so much more than a frozen TV dinner, and pretty dresses.

Facebook, I keep seeing all these woman belittle an degrade the father of their children. It’s sickening. They are allowing the entire public (or the Facebook friends the have) to see inside every little problem, every crack in their foundation. Then, they have the nerve to say the hate drama. Each time you and your spouse have a problem you don’t change your relationship status to single. You aren’t single, you’re insane, emotionally challenged, and you need help. We need to get off the computer and get back into our relationships.

Start dating your spouse! Whether you choose to go out or stay home with pizza and a movie, set aside time for your spouse. Money can’t buy love. Get to know them. If you think you know them, get to know them better. The only way to build a lasting, loving marriage is to maintain a deep relationship with each other. Sometimes you do need the time apart.

Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder.

use that emotion to grow a stronger relationship.

I’ll end this with my favorite quote:

Anything worth having is worth fighting for.