Pick up the pieces anyway. Even if they don’t all fit the way they where, they’ll fit. They’ll create something that wasn’t before. They’ll create something beautiful. Something new. Something better.


I absolutely hate a thief. We all do. I can’t tell you how many times I see that as I scroll down my newsfeed, yet we are the biggest thieves of all. We allow other people and things to steal from us daily. They steal our joy away. Stealing our happiness away. I decided yesterday that it would be the first day of the rest of our lives and it’s been wonderful. If it doesn’t help me grow, it has to go! I’m purging all negativity in our lives. If it doesn’t bring us joy, and happiness, it’s gone. That goes for people as well. If you are surrounded by “killjoys” ditch them! If you are giving, giving, and giving and someone is just taking, let them go! I will no longer allow anyone to steal from me. Time and happiness on this earth is short and invaluable. Time and love are things we can’t get back. I’m a grown adult with a family, and I’m tired of allowing other things and people to cause me pain and stress. I’m not going to give up time with my family for someone or something that doesn’t appreciate it anyway. I have to tell you, it’s been very empowering! So, if you read this all the way to the end….I encourage you to purge too! Anything that doesn’t make you want to do and be better, let it go!

Take 5.

“You can’t be a godly wife, if you aren’t living a godly life.”

I read that today and it really struck a nerve. I try, I genuinely do. I try to stay on the path laid before me and somehow there’s always a fork in the road. I pray hard, but that doesn’t seem to ease the panic. I’m so afraid to make the wrong choice, that I find myself refusing to make any choice at all. Creating a giant problem that didn’t even exist before hand.

I try to listen so hard for Gods will, and his words that I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m hearing. I said that, just to this, we all stumble. My walk in and with Christ isn’t always easy. My walk is daily, I cry, and get discouraged and just when I’m hanging on by a thread, inspiration comes. Be it in a verse, a song, or another person. When I silence the world, I can hear him at last.

If you’re struggling, take five. Find a corner, or find a room. Find a moment where you can get on your face and embrace what God has for you. Silence the world and listen for him. ❤️

What are you raising?

We have got to stop living through our children, and start living for our children. It is not our job to be their friends, that’s what they have school, and activities for. It is however our responsibility to be their parent.

We have got to stop catering to their wants and start focusing on their needs. Yes, I’m sure it feels good to be the cool mom, and sometimes it is nice to feel like we aren’t embarrassing to our children. But, that is not our goal (or shouldn’t be) as a parent. We should be focused on raising confident, respectful, and caring children. When we finish grooming them to live in the world, the world still has to live with them.

You can be a support system and a fan without being an enabler. They are looking to us for guidance, and stability. They need us to lead them. You make the choice everyday to be their parent, their guardian, their role model, and the example for what you expect of them. You are creating the next generation of presidents, doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, and all of the other important people we need. Are you raising someone to fill these roles, or someone who will blame their parents, and society, and everyone else for being too hard on them, when they leave your side and have to survive?

What are you raising?

Marriage, it’s just hard.

Some days are just hard. Hard to deal with and hard to love someone who hurt your feelings or got on your nerves. Some days it’s hard to love someone you don’t like. We’ve all been there. When you’ve worked all day long, and you come home to a house that needs cleaning, a dinner that needs making, homework that needs finishing, and that never ending pile of laundry that just won’t fold itself. Yes, loving someone (even ourselves) is just hard. When the garbage is piling up, and they haven’t taken out the trash, or everyone is laying down and you’re trying to catch up on the dishes, the last thing on your mind is “it”. Marriage, it’s just hard. When the kids are crying and someone doesn’t feel good; you try to juggle it all, and maintain some sanity, marriage gets harder. When you have had more than the average fair share of struggles and stress, marriage is harder than ever.

When you come home from work and, start dinner and realize the trash is already taken out, marriage gets easier. When you’re exhausted and, genuinely too tired to eat because you just need a hot bath, and you already have a tub of warm water, marriage gets easier. When a family member is ill, or your heart is breaking, but someone holds your hand, marriage gets easier. When you have a bad day, and they don’t judge your ugly cry; marriage gets easier. When the world is ugly and against, but you have one person on your side, marriage gets easier.

I’m learning that the greatest things in life aren’t easy. They are actually the hardest things, and they take the most work. The best things in life are never free. Your love isn’t free, it will cost you tears, your time, your pride and your anger. Your love costs a lot. But, theirs does too. Marriage is a full time job, with the greatest benefits. You have a best friend for life. In marriage, you learn a lot about your spouse but a lot about yourself as well. Marriage is hard, but marriage makes it easier.