Take 5.

“You can’t be a godly wife, if you aren’t living a godly life.”

I read that today and it really struck a nerve. I try, I genuinely do. I try to stay on the path laid before me and somehow there’s always a fork in the road. I pray hard, but that doesn’t seem to ease the panic. I’m so afraid to make the wrong choice, that I find myself refusing to make any choice at all. Creating a giant problem that didn’t even exist before hand.

I try to listen so hard for Gods will, and his words that I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m hearing. I said that, just to this, we all stumble. My walk in and with Christ isn’t always easy. My walk is daily, I cry, and get discouraged and just when I’m hanging on by a thread, inspiration comes. Be it in a verse, a song, or another person. When I silence the world, I can hear him at last.

If you’re struggling, take five. Find a corner, or find a room. Find a moment where you can get on your face and embrace what God has for you. Silence the world and listen for him. ❤️


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