What are you raising?

We have got to stop living through our children, and start living for our children. It is not our job to be their friends, that’s what they have school, and activities for. It is however our responsibility to be their parent.

We have got to stop catering to their wants and start focusing on their needs. Yes, I’m sure it feels good to be the cool mom, and sometimes it is nice to feel like we aren’t embarrassing to our children. But, that is not our goal (or shouldn’t be) as a parent. We should be focused on raising confident, respectful, and caring children. When we finish grooming them to live in the world, the world still has to live with them.

You can be a support system and a fan without being an enabler. They are looking to us for guidance, and stability. They need us to lead them. You make the choice everyday to be their parent, their guardian, their role model, and the example for what you expect of them. You are creating the next generation of presidents, doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, and all of the other important people we need. Are you raising someone to fill these roles, or someone who will blame their parents, and society, and everyone else for being too hard on them, when they leave your side and have to survive?

What are you raising?


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