“Throwback Thursday”


“Throwback Thursday” to one of the most amazing moments in my life. I haven’t said much about it only because I felt like it took away from the experience. I am so blessed to say that I was able to do something I’ve wanted to since I was a little girl. One of the very first songs I can remember as a child was by Garth Brooks. To some, it may seem trivial but like most people I’ve been through a lot of “crap” and he was the picker upper. Garth Brooks was very symbolic in my childhood and youth. His music was there to lift me up and to help celebrate those special moments in life. Everyone has that something, and he is mine. To be able to say I stood row’s away while he sang some of the very music that shaped me is an amazing accomplishment to me. Something that I honestly did not think I’d have the opportunity to do. If you know me at all, you know the state I was in when I received my tickets! Some of you may never understand but I am so grateful to say that I did something I’ve always dreamed of. It became more of a challenge than an option. Constantly checking the news and listening to radio updates for tour news. The day it was confirmed Garth was going back on tour, I received numerous calls and text to make sure I knew. Words could never express what this was for me. Further confirmation that everything happens for a reason and good things come to those who wait. Traveling with some of the most amazing people to see him was, well amazing.


Standing by my heaven sent husband watching my childhood dream rise up from the floor was nothing less than a dream come true. To share such an experience with my husband was tear jerking. I guess what I’m trying to say is when you want something, and it genuinely means something, no matter how silly or juvenile it may seem, go for it. I needed this. I needed to know that I could have that and I did. Not only was it worth it, but I’d do it 100 times over. When Garth & Trisha took the stage together it was dang near life altering. Call me crazy, but everyone and I mean everyone has that something. Something that helps define their character and it doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a quote, or a trip you have your heart set on, GO FOR IT! You only have one life to live, make it beautiful and one that’s hard to forget!



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