The calm before the storm.


It is in the middle of the storm that you will find the true strength of your umbrella. Today I am so thankful that God is my umbrella. Parenting is the hardest job there is but it is also without a shadow of doubt the most rewarding. Often times I’ve found myself watching one door close before the next is open. They say you praise him in the hallway. Today, I’m in that hallway. While I can see myself inching closer to the next door, it hasn’t made it any easier. It hasn’t become less scary or even more bearable. It has however increased my faith.  So I praise him. I praise him and continue to believe that he will see us through.

We had some decisions to make this morning and are waiting on an update. Once we have a plan of action and know what to expect, I will include everyone in the details. As always, prayers are appreciated.


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