Struggles bring Strength.

I’m thankful for my struggles. Without them, I wouldn’t have found my strength.


All dogs go to heaven.

I believe that every animal and every pet has a purpose. We love them all but sometimes one comes along and they change your life.20140905-214411.jpg

Rosco has been one of my best friends through some of the hardest and greatest years of my life. December is his 10th birthday! He is my body guard and has protected our house from burglars, and raccoons, to snakes, and shadows. He has been the best bird/squirrel dog a man could have and an excellent riding partner. Whether it was in the truck or on the golf cart, he is riding shotgun! 20140905-214502.jpg

He has been a ride around the yard and a gentle nudge when your hotdog was smelling too good to pass up. He has been the greatest Labrador anyone could ever ask for and so much more. Rosco has touched the lives of most people he has met. Some in a good way and others where not particularly pleased with his “cat skills”. Lets just say he wasn’t a fan. He has been a furry garbage disposal. You drop it, it’s gone! It’s that simple. One thing that has never changed is that he has always been a friend. A shoulder to cry on, a reminder that life goes on, and the best dog that our kids have ever had. 20140905-214513.jpg


Rosco has spent every hunting season on the hunt and every summer in the sun. He has been my running buddy forever and I can’t imagine a trip around the block without him. 20140905-214549.jpg

Three years ago we found out Rosco had a small tumor. The doctors said it was better to let him live out the rest of his days happy with his family. Yesterday, he was laid to rest. The only thing harder than letting him go is knowing that I wasn’t able to tell him goodbye. They say “all dogs go to heaven” and for his sake, I hope it’s not the same for all those cats. 20140905-214534.jpg

To Rosco, we have shared many laughs, tears, and years. Even a few debbie cakes after the kids went to bed. Thank you for always loving us and most importantly, letting us love you. You have left a void in my heart that will never be filled. Driving home today was absolutely heartbreaking. There was no 100 pound hug or begging for a snack. There was no scratch at the door because the kids closed it before you slid in. There was no after dinner talk on the front porch. All of these things have changed but the love and joy you have given me will be my strength to let you go. As heartbreaking as losing you is, I wouldn’t trade my time with you for anything. I hope you’re chasing all those squirrels in heaven and know how much we love you.
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Do your children “live” where they live?

I’m curious how many people allow their children to actually live in their home.

If you come to my house, you will quickly realize that it isn’t spotless. I ask that you be understanding and see that I would rather lay in Chances’ floor reading books with him or CG’s room playing dolls. I grew up where everything had a place and you kept it all together, all the time. My kids? Well, by now you can probably guess that I’m a little more relaxed in that department. Sometimes, I just like to sit and watch them play. Wherever it may be.

If you can’t accept that two little people live here and share their toys with everyone, scattering them through the house, you wouldn’t make good company for us.

Why is it that the kitchen is the one place that can be cleaned 10 times a day and still be dirty? I am 90% finished cleaning our house yet random dishes make their way to the sink and clutter seems to migrate to the kitchen table. Where is it coming from???? I love a clean house, but I absolutely detest giving up time with my kids to clean it!

Legos, doll clothes, and puzzle pieces are among the most popular items this week. It can be challenging finding the balance between allowing your children to play freely and creating boundaries.

Children have their entire lives to have someone stand over them and dictate. I believe in cleanliness and teaching them to cleanup but this is their house. This is their home and they have the right to enjoy it like everyone else. I don’t tell my husband to play games on his phone in our room and practice his “duck calling” in his shed. He doesn’t tell me to read my kindle in our room so why should I confine our children to theirs?