Asset or liability?

Years ago someone told me to “pick someone that’s an asset not a liability.”

Your marriage isn’t a “business”, it is however a lifetime of investments. People seem to forget these things going into relationships. Of course things are fun in the beginning. It’s fresh and new. The true test is keeping it that way. For a marriage to be successful it has to have two unselfish people, but at least one of those two have to take the initiative. The quickest way to ruin a marriage is the tit for tat routine.

Treat each day as it is, a new one. Take a moment to send a text, or make a call. Take a moment to let your spouse know they’re important. So many others out there wish for only the opportunity. We are the only thing standing in the gap between success and failure. We all fall short. No one person is perfect, the key is finding the problem and working through it. If you spent 1/4 of your time building up your spouse instead of tearing them down you’d be in a completely different relationship altogether.

Like any investment, you must safeguard it. You don’t invest your life savings in stock and expect someone else to monitor it do you? No! You take the time daily to make sure it’s not just maintaining, but skyrocketing. So why would you invest your heart in something without insuring it? Take the time to appreciate your marriage and your spouse, and the value of it will increase. Think about it. The wheels are turning now. You can use any concept you want but the fact remains, a relationship takes work, and a marriage is a full time job. Don’t ask someone to invest in something with you, that you aren’t truly willing to invest the same. That’s why it’s called a partnership.

Firmly investing in your marriage at any cost is much cheaper than a divorce. In divorce you loose far more than anything money can buy.-Terress Martina


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