Getting Schooled

“What do say in a moment like this, when you can’t find the words to tell it like it is? Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way. Oh what do you say?”

I find myself saying that more and more often these days. With two young children it’s a hard thing to tell it like it is. It starts when someone takes a toy, or doesn’t want to share, but what about when it’s a real heart breaker?

My son just turned five and started his first year of school. One of the kids in his class is down right mean. To the point of knowing he’s mean and doesn’t care. On several occasions he has hit my son, kicked him, hit him with other objects, and snatched toys away. Then, when he’s asked to give them back you’re not sure of he’s going to throw a fit or throw the toy at someones head.

A few days ago, driving home from school he seemed a little upset. After asking what’s wrong, he responded with an answer that truly brought tears to my eyes. “I just want to be his friend, everyone needs a friend, and he has none. Maybe if he had one friend, he would be nice, and have a lot of friends.” Isn’t amazing how someone so young has a heart so pure? It doesn’t bother him that the child has been ugly. He only wants to help the kid.

Boy, couldn’t we learn a few things from this? How many times have you experienced similar upsets? Someone else taking something you wanted or worked for. Someone else saying unkind words to or about you. It’s hard to turn the other cheek, but even harder to love them anyway. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we could love the way children do?

Whole heartedly, with all trust, and believing that you can help anyone. Man it must feel amazing to have the confidence of a five year old.


12 thoughts on “Getting Schooled

    • He is actually in Pre K. He just turned 5 in November, so it has been rough. He’s the oldest in his class but I’ve assured him he will be thankful for that later.

      • My daughter is the opposite, we don’t have pre-k in Vancouver so as an end-of-December baby, she is the dead youngest and physically the smallest too!

      • Wow. I guess that’s hard too. He’s small for his age but nothing obvious. He was born with an un-diagnosed birth defect that weakens his respiratory system. He finally received an officially diagnosis at 1 & 1/2 then started getting proper treatment. Since then he has blossomed! We put off school for as long as possible and eventually agreed to a “trial Year”. To work out the kinks on missing school days. He’s had 11 surgeries so far in his 5 years and as you can imagine that accounts for some sick days.

      • Oh wow! I just found your blog and will have to read some more. My oldest was born with several heart defects. Luckily all of them were fixed in one surgery at 17 days old and she’s managed to avoid the man complications that would require more! Fingers crossed it stays that way

      • I actually just started this blog less than two days ago as a release of anxiety from it all. I have always enjoyed writing and have a few things published. Silly me, I wanted I start fresh, where people weren’t biased. Kind of like a stepping stone to finding myself.

      • I immediately read your blog title and knew I needed to read up. The letter to your daughter touched me immensely. So I “followed” you. 😉

      • Thank you! It’s still her birthday week so I’ll be writing a lot about her! I started my blog for the same reason and am loving it! Where did you publish?

      • Just some small local papers and a poetry book. Nothing major, (my husband says everyone starts somewhere). Poetry has always been my passion, it started when I was in middle school and continued until I had children. I’ve always wanted to do something with writing involved. Just afraid to put it all out there. So in the meantime, this is my starting point. My journey into the unknown. Sharing my stories and learning about myself along the way.

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