Fill ‘er Up!

Think of your marriage for a moment. Now imagine that the relationship between you and your spouse is a gas tank. You wouldn’t drive your car on E without filling it up would you? Of course not, and none of us want to be stranded and alone!

When you look at your marriage as a whole, are you a giver? You must be able to truly give before you can appreciate what you receive. Fill up their tank. Love them, show them gratitude, and be completely selfless.

If you’ve never read “The 5 Love Languages” I strongly recommend it. I read the short gift version and loved it. Each person has a “love tank” there are 5 love languages or “5 types of gas” if you will. The hardest part is deciphering which gas they need.

Your spouse looks to you for comfort, love, support, and encouragement. You have to give that in order to receive it. Love them beyond all things. Show appreciation. Actions speak volumes. I guarantee if you spend a small fraction of your time building your spouse up, you will see a tremendous boost in their self confidence as well as the response they give you.

Think of yourself, you want to have full support. You want to be appreciated. Of course you want to feel loved. As humans, we all do. Show them what you want by giving it first. You don’t want someone else filling their tank do you? I think not! Remember, marriage is about team work, and sometimes you have to lead by example. Be positive. Be a great spouse.


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